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Used Car Specialist 

Blackrock Motor Company specialises in supplying high-quality secondhand vehicles, with a primary focus on prestigious brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every vehicle we offer meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Each car is meticulously sourced from reputable main dealership networks, guaranteeing known provenance and comprehensive maintenance histories.

To uphold our rigorous standards, all vehicles undergo extensive quality checks by our team of industry-leading technicians. With years of experience in the used vehicle market, these experts ensure each vehicle is in optimal condition. Our dedicated team conducts thorough inspections and maintenance checks, covering every aspect to exceed our customers’ expectation. 


Motorhome and Mobile Home Experts

Blackrock are suppliers of second-hand motorhomes and mobile homes, including prestigious brands such as Volkswagen, Auto-Trail, Swift, and Hobby. The company was formed with a vision to provide quality motorhomes and mobile homes at realistic and affordable prices, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional value without compromising on quality. 


At Blackrock, we understand the importance of combining qulaity with affordability, making your dream of owning a premium motorhome or mobile home both accessible and enjoyable. With our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, you can be confident in finding the perfect vehicle to suit your needs

Why Blackrock


Blackrock have years of experience in the second hand market.


All of our vehicles are inspected by our technicians to ensure quality. 


We focus on suppling quality secondhand vehicles at affordable prices.

About Blackrock

Blackrock specialises in supplying approved used quality vehicles, as well as secondhand motorhomes and mobile homes. The company was formed with a vision to provide quality secondhand vehicles at realistic and affordable prices. Most of our vehicles are sourced from reputable main dealership networks, benefitting from known provenance and comprehensive servicing histories. 


At Blackrock we appreciate that selling your car can be a difficult and often time-consuming task . We aim to make it as simple as possible for you. With our years of expertise and wide range of trade contacts we are ideally placed to get you the best possible price for your car. We offer a number of alternatives. Call (01706) 869101 if you’d like to know more.

Client Testimonials

Very professional, highly recommended.

Fantastic experience, very professional and helpful. They found the exact vehicle that i was looking for. 

Tremendous selection of vehicles and a highly professional team. Very satisfied will come back for my next purchase. 


Our warranty plan has been designed to meet the costing of your car when a covered part suddenly or unexpectedly stops working…

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